Wanna hear a great story? Of course you do, we all do.

Why is storytelling such an effective way to convey your message?

Answer – we are programmed to receive stories – it is in our DNA.

For generations, before TV’s, Internet and smartphones, stories were the only way to pass down pertinent information from one generation to the next.

One of my favorite stories comes from the movie Reservoir Dogs. The Commode Story. Freddy (Mr. Orange) is an undercover cop and tells The Commode Story to create a bond with a crew he is looking to join. Below is the part of the script setting up the importance of details when telling a great story.

                 It's like a joke.  You remember
                 what's important, and the rest you
                 make your own.  The only way to
                 make it your own is to keep sayin
                 it, and sayin it, and sayin it,
                 and sayin it, and sayin it.

                 I can do that.

                 The things you gotta remember are
                 the details.  It's the details
                 that sell your story.  Now this
                 story takes place in this men's
                 room.  So you gotta know the
                 details about this men's room.
                 You gotta know they got a blower
                 instead of a towel to dry your
                 hands.  You gotta know the stalls
                 ain't got no doors.  You gotta
                 know whether they got liquid or
                 powdered soap, whether they got
                 hot water or not, 'cause if you do
                 your job when you tell your story,
                 everybody should believe it.  And
                 if you tell your story to somebody
                 who's actually taken a piss in
                 this men's room, and you get one
                 detail they remember right,
                 they'll swear by you.

How would you rate your storytelling ability? What is your go-to story? Is it full of benefits and features? (Boring steak story) Or does your story demand attention, generate emotion and stick with your audience? (Engaging sizzle story)

There are many different types of stories (happy, funny, scaring, etc.) Know your audience. When you have a conservative, stuffy audience loosen them up with some funny and relatable stories about you. This shows that we’re all human and have more in common than different. Always be yourself but reading and knowing your audience is an important part of the equation to ensuring your story is well received.

Hint: If you want to improve your storytelling skills be sure to get your audience to laugh and laugh often.

“If you tell them they doubt it, if they think it, it’s true.” Tom Hopkins

storytellingGreat storytelling strikes an emotional chord. People make decisions based on their emotions. Did you connect with your audience? Answer – If they drew the conclusion you wanted them to and it led them to take action, you have your answer.

That is the coolest thing about good story telling – if you delivered your story correctly, your audience will walk away with the ideas you wanted them to have and they will stick. It’s like a good jingle on a commercial. You know you’ve connected when they hum it later on in the day. How does that one jingle go; Nationwide, is on your…

I challenge you to work on your storytelling craft. The better you are at telling a memorable & compelling story, the more you will stand out & make genuine connections with your audience. This leads to more people drawing the conclusion that they want to do business with you!

I want to hear some of your favorite stories. Leave yours in the comment box below.

Happy Hunting!


Justin Benton┬áis an entrepreneur, speaker, motivator and sales training expert. He is highly regarded as a master salesperson whose passion is to teach people how to genuinely connect with their client first then collaborate to find solutions that solve their client’s needs. His packages and seminars provide people of every background with the tools needed to realize their dreams.

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